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Portugal has done that with Brazil and other luso countries, and it is still a good emotion for the EU and the EU. And that goes for the public too. I think the UK's problem is that it still sees itself atop an empire. All the talk of Empire 2.0 is not far from the mark; There are those who on the right side promote the commonwealth as an alternative, but they do not look down and share control with like Nigeria, Pakistan, or even NZ and Australia. Instead, they believe that these countries will somehow all wish to belong to a benevolent dictatorship run by the UK. As if in the interests of all those countries to suspend their own sovereignty and opt-in to what many of them spent years to get out, the United Kingdom has rejected any form of codecision with democratic rich neighbors. I do not think there is any other European force, perhaps with the exception of Russia,It still looks like it could somehow cheer back to when they were standalone superpowers able to control empires. Portugal and Spain certainly do not, and France has always seen its role in modern times as a wedding to Germany as the backbone of europe. 

The UK just can not let the past go. That's why I think Brexit is a necessary humiliation. There are actually people who think Britain will fall on their feet that in some cases the EU will collapse and the world is going to fall over itself to make major trade negotiations with Britain (as if our mistake in exports is due to EU membership , despite Germany being hugely successful). Nothing will destroy the British's inherent jingoism like the utter shambles that hardly break with no deal, and the rapid economic collapse and humiliation will bring. 

I think the key for Europe is to be prepared to tough it out until the UK is well and truly squeezed dry. Because when UK wishes back, it will do the same on the same terms as all other members; no special deals. And most probably, it will have to counter Spain's veto by cutting lose Gibraltar too. Ironic, considering the nationalist goals of those who voted for brexit.  

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