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Forum » Markedsføring » Can a blog about programming take off?

Post titel: Can a blog about programming take off? Skrevet d. 12-08-2017 07:58:40 | Besvar »
Hello. I am new to blogging. I started about a month ago with a blog about Software Development. In it i write tutorials about programming, or talk in general about How to get started or what can you do with programming. I wrote 10 articles, all over 500 words but i don't get any traffic from search engines. I posted on facebook groups but all i got was some temporary traffic. I read about seo , use SEO yoast plugin and created each post so that it has a Green evaluation dot. I currently dont have any visitors.Since there are so many communities of programers i kind of realised that the only way to make this blog work is by showing up on google searches. But i dont.Is this a sign that this blog can't take off or do i have to do write more articles to know for sure?And if it's too soon to figure out now, how long should i go in this manner (writting without having any visitors)? Thanks !
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References:https://forums.digitalpoint.com/threads/can-a-blog-about-programming-take-off.2762459/ Bike Rental Video Examples 

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