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Post titel: I'm having a tax issue Skrevet d. 03-04-2018 13:49:54 | Besvar »


Im pretty clueless when it comes to tax stuff. In the past I've had a w-2 and thats it and it was easy.Last year my company included me in their profit sharing. Every quarter they would take our profit and give x% and divide it among 5 of us. They would just cut regular checks and give them to us. Now that it's tax time I'm not sure how to handle this. I asked my boss and he said that he isn't going to give us 1099's and that he talked to the tax guy ad basically no one is going to declare it. He said he can't tell me whether to declare it or not, but it's up to me.My FIL told me that I should declare it because if anyone else decides to declare it it could become messy. I asked my boss what I should do if I want to decalre it and he said he would just give me the total dollar amount of what I was given and I could do it that way. But FIL told me I can't do it that way.I'm really confused and I don't know what I should do.I don't know if I should just not worry about declaring it since it's a small amount of money (less than 1500 dollars i think) or if I should pressure my boss into doing this the right way.

Please help

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