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Hello,  Why is it that in a city like AUS (over 170 daily departures) airlines don't really advertise? Yeah, there are a few billboards near the airport and an occasional WN ad on TV, but there really isn't any focused marketing efforts here. With several daily nonstops to LAX, etc., it seems the O&D is there and both AA and WN have a strong presence here, but they don't advertise it. It seems they could simply come out and say something like "The most daily nonstops to the most destinations" or "The most daily departures" that would likely generate some interest and some cross-overs. 
I know AUS isn't as big as the hub cities and is not a connecting airport, but that doesn't mean it's small, though I'd like to see a hub here (haha). Most of the fares to anywhere you want to go are comparable (at least in cattle class) so why not reach out and grab the traveler who is looking at 3 or 4 airlines with the same fares and trying to decide? Of course, with the last statement, I am exempting those here on A.net because I am sure most of you have set your ways and if nothing else search load factors. Also, is anyone on here in airline marketing????  
Please help  I didn't find the right solution from the internet.  References: http://www.airliners.net/forum/viewtopic.php?t=226131Promotional video production agency  Thanks

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