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Forum » SKAT » W2 & W3 issue with multiple local taxes

Post titel: W2 & W3 issue with multiple local taxes Skrevet d. 03-04-2018 13:48:10 | Besvar »


I have been using Zpay for several years. Love the ease of use etc. However, I have a city and a school tax for my locality. I have set up the school tax as a deduction and used the tax percentage as the deductible amount. The total for the year for each employee prints in box 14 on the W2. I have set up a description to print with the amount. When I print the W3 the total for all the individual school taxes is not listed anywhere on that form. Is this a problem, should I have it print somewhere on the W3? The city tax prints on the W3 in box 19 as local income tax as it should. But the program does not allow 2 local taxes. Just wondering if the way I am doing the forms is the best way and that nothing has changed with the program that would allow me to print both local taxes in box 19 since it is 2 lines on the W2. Also do I need to worry that since my total is not showing up on the W3 that it could be a problem down the road that my school tax is not showing.

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