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Forum » SKAT » Must pay bribe to Income tax for valuer?

Post titel: Must pay bribe to Income tax for valuer? Skrevet d. 31-05-2018 04:58:59 | Besvar »



I had applied for valuer with Lucknow income tax department on 05-08-2015. I was verified by 3 people on December 2015. Now assessing officer and department confirmed that it was ok for me as Plant and Machinery valuer. The Assistant commissioner then sent the files for reverifications with the same people. One of them said he does not knew me. Now I am caught in department war and corruption. Assistant Commissioner says he needs 5000 Rs. To pass me. While other department people say that only Assessing officer comments are enough. Kindly enlighten me on what to do? Pay 5000 rs. To Assistant commissioner Tiwari or fight. It is now almost 19 months fighting for jusitice. Please let me know on what to do. I had even given 2 more people for verification purpose besides 3 their on the Form N submitted with Income Tax Lucknow?



Please help.


I did not find the right solution from the Internet.


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